Scarlett's FAQ Corner:

+ Why are the links dead?? Could you please reupload??
Yes, I've noticed that a lot of the links on the blog are dead.. that's because my sources got their accounts blocked or their files got deleted. Therefore, I also lost a lot of my files too. ;_;
Not all of the links on this blog are mine, some of them are directly from my sources, therefore I cannot control those links if they got deleted or if they decide to take them down. However, I can still hunt for replacements for those links, but it will take some time.
So please be patient with me, I promise I will get things sorted out eventually. Thank you for your understanding!

+ What is the password??
Please refer to my FIRST POST on the blog. I'm sure you can find it... if not... well...

Lots of love,
Scarlett ☆


  1. Hi, I downloaded Rakuen no Uta volume 2 currently, even though i know the password is your blog url, but I tried all of them, can't unlock it. Perhaps can you give me the direct url? Thanks!

  2. Thank you very much, I just downloaded Amemakura vol. 6. I'd recommend you to make a facebook page, anyway, thank you!