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Feel free to request any collections/games you may be looking for; I will try my best to provide it to you~ (=^.^=)~

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~Scarlett ☆


  1. there's a drama CD series called Ikemen Ooku
    and the fourth volume came out today.
    I'm dying to listen to that one~
    Thank U

    1. Yes, I've got that CD ^_^ I'll have to upload it, though, so it may take some time before I can provide you the link.
      Just the 4th volume?

    2. Yes, I already got all previous volumes
      I'm happy to hear that you have it and ready to upload^^

    3. I finally got it uploaded ^^; Mediafire was being a pain and cut it off multiple times, so it took me a long time to finally get it up.

  2. Thank U for listening my favor last time
    There's few more requests I'd want u to hear...^^;;
    These are the Drama CD I'm looking for right now: Yandere Heaven Black 2, Tap Trap Love vol.2 and Shukan Soine vol.13 (Morikawa Toshiyuki)
    THANK U~

    1. Just as a note, I'm currently searching for your requests ^_^ Hopefully I will obtain them soon.

  3. こんばんは。

    1. こんばんは~ ^^

  4. Hi! Do you take requests of character songs?

    1. Yup~ ^^ Feel free to request anything; I'll try my best to obtain it.

    2. Hi! Thanks :) Then I would love to request this:

      Hakuoki Radio CD - 1 - featuring Okoru (angry) Hijikata!
      Hakouki Radio CD - 2 - featuring Okoru Okita!
      Hakouki Radio CD - 3 - featuring Okoru Heisuke!
      Hakouki Radio CD - 4 - featuring Okoru Sano!
      Hakouki Radio CD - 5 - featuring Okoru Saitou!
      Hakouki Radio CD - 6 - featuring Okoru Shinpachi, Sannan & Kondou
      Hakouki Radio CD - 7 - featuring Okoru Kazama
      Hakouki Radio CD - 8 - Featuring okoru okita & saitou
      Hakouki Radio CD - 9 - harada & heisuke
      Hakouki Radio CD - 10 - okoru hijikata take 2 xD
      Hakouki Radio CD - 上洛編 Special Bday edition

      Hakuouki - Wakatono Douchuuki
      Hakuouki - Chizuru Yuukai Jikenchou - Chizurus Kidnapping
      Hakuouki - Onsei Soukyoku shuu
      Hakuouki - Torimono Hikae Zenben
      Hakuouki - Torimono Hikae Kouhen
      Hakuouki - Zuisouroku Tokuten
      Hakuouki - Yugiroku Tokuten - 一寸隊士
      Hakuouki - Shimahara Soudouki - The trouble down at Shimahara
      Hakuouki - Genteihan Tokuten - Various mini-dramas
      Hakuouki - Arakajimeyaku Tokuten - Various mini-dramas
      Hakuouki - PS3 巡想録限定版特典 Drama CD - 鶴のお礼参り
      Hakuouki - アニメ店長- コラボレーション DJCD - Trip to Komiket

      Hakuouki Character CD - kaisouroku Jou - Featuring - Hijikata, Okita & Kazama
      Hakuouki Character CD - kaisouroku Ge - Featuring - Saitou, Sano, Heisuke
      Hakuouki Character CD - Bakumatsu Kafusho - Hijikata
      Hakuouki Character CD - Bakumatsu Kafusho - Okita
      Hakuouki Character CD - Bakumatsu Kafusho - Saitou
      Hakuouki Character CD - Bakumatsu Kafusho - Sano
      Hakuouki Character CD - Bakumatsu Kafusho - Heisuke
      Hakuouki Character CD - Bakumatsu Kafusho - Kazama
      Hakuouki Character CD - Bakumatsu Kafusho - Chizuru

      and the drama CDS from this website:
      (P.S. Some CDS from the written above could be repeated in this website)

      Thanks so much :)!! (P.S. again, I know its ALOT)

    3. Wow. O_O
      Alright, to make things easier, I'll just try to find everything Hakuouki related, even if you didn't request it here. XD
      I just want to warn you that because this is such a huge amount of request, I won't be uploading the files here again myself (that'll take way too long), instead, I will be linking you to the source. The problem is that it may take awhile for you to download from there because the connection just may not be as good. ;~;

  5. Uhm! I might sound a bit strange here but I don't understand how your password works? Is it the entire URL (I'm trying to download Fukuyama Jun's sleepx2 soundtrack)

    Thank you!!

  6. Ah! I've just discovered the secret! All is well now :D
    (Also, sorry for posting this in the wrong place >< I just realised!)
    Thanks for the hard work!!

    1. Haha, no worries, dear ^_^
      I'm glad that you've got it figured out XD Happy listening~ enjoy your stay 0w0

  7. Hi,,I've seen your post about Starry Sky after summer,,do you have any other starry sky games?
    I'm playing starry sky in spring right now and been trying to find the other like ages..

    1. Yep ^^ I have all the Starry Sky games in my collection.. Do you want all the ~in season~ games as well as ~After Season~ games? (I already posted up ~After Summer~ and ~After Winter~)

    2. Oh my God!!! SERIOUSLY?????? Thanks a LOT!!!! All of the link I found in Google didn't work and torrent only makes things worse.. So,,I'm really lucky to found your blog.. Again,,thanks a bunch..

    3. Thank you for your fast post.. ^^

    4. Hi,,I'm sorry but it seems like I don't really know how to install the starry sky in summer game.. When I opened the .rar files, there's an .mdf and .mds file and I'm not sure how to use that type of files.. Could you give me some hint to install the game?
      Thanks in advance.. ^^

    5. Sorry dear, I've been very inactive online lately T_T
      Have you successfully installed it yet? It should be pretty simple to do. Just extract it to ISO, mount it, and install. :)

    6. Yes, it's fine.. I'm so glad that you managed to give me all of those links though.. ^^
      Oh,and I've succeed on installing it and been playing like crazy.. hahaha..
      again, thank you very much!! (^___^)

  8. Hi again! ^^ I wonder if you could post Non 18+ Otome/VN [ENG] Games :D

    1. Hello, dear ^^
      Unfortunately, English Otome games are very hard to find because they're so rare :( There aren't many people who are willing to translate the games into english; it's a LOT of work.
      I think there were a few English Otome games that I posted up in April, did you check those out yet? The only other game I could think of off the top of my head now is Starry Sky ~in Spring~, which is the first game of a whole series (it's mentioned in the post above yours); have you played that yet? Unfortunately only this game of the entire series of Starry Sky games has been translated :( Like I said, English Otome games aren't easy to find.
      However, I do know some other English "Otome games", but they are not quite like the Japanese VN-style games, if that's what you're looking for. They are more of an RPG/interactive style that are originally made in English. Frankly, I feel that they lack the Japanese-y factor that classify them as genuine "Otome games".
      Haha, longgg post... ^_^;; but I will keep an eye out for any other English Otome games~

    2. Oic! Could I then request for Starry Sky ~in Spring~ :D? If possible the translated one!

    3. Hi! If possible I would like to request for all the Starry Sky games that you have not uploaded! To be exact, I would want to have "Starry Sky ~After Spring~"
      I am currently playing "In Spring" so I wanted a continuation of the game XD. Hope my japanese is enough to play it well :P

    4. Posted. ^_^
      Have fun, dear! (To be frank, the Spring series is my least favorite of the four. "XD The other series have more interesting plotlines. ^_^ But it's still a cute game)
      I can also provide walkthroughs should you need them. ^_^

    5. Hi! I would love to have the walkthroughs! Could you provide them for me? Thanks so much! *hugs*

    6. No problem ^_^ I'll have them up soon.

  9. Hi! I would like the request the VN [ENG] Ever 17: The Out of Infinity. There is a english version for this game.

  10. すみません

  11. ご無沙汰しています☆

    KISS×KISS collections Vol.22「Trial Kiss」

  12. Hello) I'd like to request TOKYOヤマノテBOYS PURE RASPBERRY DISC アニメイト限定版

  13. Karneval drama cd 6 not working TT^TT

  14. Hi Scarlett-chan ^.^i just recently discovered your blog and immediately fell in love with it :)

    I would like to ask whether you could help me with finding the original game soundtracks of the hiiro no kakera series and the jyuzaengi Engetsu Sangokuden tokuten and drama cds :)

    thank youu <3!

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  16. Hi could you upload this
    [Drama CD] Hakuouki ~Chizuru Kidnapping Case~
    in another uploader?
    I seem couldnt download this

  17. hello! can you please upload cho sekkin gata 5??? thanks! ^__^

  18. Hi! love your blog!! i need help in finding severak Drama CDs ~ do you know the manga "Black Bird?" there's a drama cd for it but its hard to find the complete version! thanks a bunch ^0^
    other manga drama cd requests:
    "Charming Junkie"
    "Taiyou no ie"
    "boku wa imouto ni koi wo suru"

  19. hello! can you please upload rakuen no uta soundtrack ?(they have an ost for the drama cds):D thanks alot. i had a very hard time trying to find the ost.

    thanks alot again!

  20. hi! can you upload saa koi ni ochitamae drama cd 1-5? i can't find the first drama cd anywhere.

    thanks! your hard work is much appreciated :D

  21. Do you have more things of Diabolik Lovers ? Like CDs and Games, Manga ...

  22. Could you reup this~

    あいのことば その5
    Ai no Kotoba ~Sono 5~
    平川大辅 [Hirakawa Daisuke] <3

    I can't find it anywhere.

  23. hei,,can I request shitsuren shokolate drama cd??
    please~ ;;w;;

  24. Hi, can you upload amemakura 1 hajime, the seiyuu is kenjiro tsuda?
    I can only find two pieces on tumblr, there's no full vers, so please please. I love your blog so much, thanks XD

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