Wednesday, May 30, 2012

[Info] Heads Up on Upcoming Posts!

Hello, y'all~ ^_^

Hope you're finding the resources useful so far. Anyway, this is just a little update on the upcoming resources that I will be uploading the next few days.. well, and also a WARNING to some of you out there.

So far, the resources are all Otome... well, there are some Fujoshi stuff coming your way! The following posts will involve BL Drama CDs... most of which are rated/18+... so be careful, people. =w= If you are not a Fujoshi... well, you know you have to avoid the next few posts... That said, I shall proceed with the list of goodies...

So I've obtained the following and preparing to upload:

+ MENkui! -Gijinka Ra~men- Vol. 1 & 2
+ 【麺クイ!-擬人化ら~めん

+ Mayoeru Shomin ni Ai no Te wo 【Hatano Wataru x Kaji Yuuki】
+ 【迷える庶民に愛の手を

+ Rakuen no Uta 【Midorikawa Hikaru x Kamiya Hiroshi】
+ 【楽園のうた

Here's a list of what I might* be uploading:
*This is either due to: my laziness, or I'm still in the process of searching for them... =w= So if you require any of these, leave a note and I will either upload it for you, or speed up my searching process.

+ Yandere Heaven Black Vol. 1 & 2
+ Mousou ❤ Catalogue 【I heard that this one is reaaally intense O_O】
+ CHiRAL CAFE he yokoso
+ Dekichatta Danshi 【Toriumi Kousuke x Kaji Yuuki】
+ Parasitic Soul 【Ono Yuki x Takeuchi Ken】

It's funny how I've never listened to most of them... XDD

Anyway, with that said, look forward to them~ ^_^
There will be more Otome resources coming up afterwards, so don't worry if you're not into BL. Here's just some posts for the Fujoshi's lurking around here. XD

~Scarlett ☆

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